Friday, October 21, 2005

Laurie really does do things all day!

So while Lewis is frittering his time away learning useless facts about linguistics, Laurie is busy getting many things done. Important things, too!

Laurie has finished not one, but two whole books already in her time at Cambridge. Here's a picture of her reading her favorite, Van Loon's Lives. Van Loon is a pretty cool guy, who wrote history for the layman in the early 1900s. Laurie is devising a way to read the rest of Van Loon's books which are tucked away in odd corners of the University Library. (Also, Tedso just seems to sleep all day. Lazy ol' bear!)

Though Laurie doesn't spend all her time reading for fun. She's also learning about cognitive neuroscience! It seems like there's a lot of fun things happening in linguistics under the heading of neurolinguistics, and so Laurie thought she'd better prepare herself in the event that she decides to pursue this direction in graduate school. Neuroscience isn't very easy though!

Speaking of graduate school, Laurie also spends a lot of time filling in mundane applications! She's thinking about sending MIT this note in hopes of swaying their decision-making process. But instead, she'll probably send some of that stack of transcripts and a well-thought-out application. Ironically, of the 7 schools she's applying to, MIT is the only one that requires paper forms instead of an online application. What sort of "Institute of Technology" is this place, anyway?

Lest you think Laurie's days are spent solely in pursuit of leisure, here she is trying to get a job! There are lots of applications to be turned in. In Cambridge, though, they don't really do "rolling hiring" like back home. They accept their applications up to a certain date, start interviews on a certain date, and then.. well, that's as far as she has gotten. So most of the places Laurie is applying for haven't even stopped accepting applications yet! But most should start interviewing in early November. Fingers crossed!

Yet to be perfectly honest, all Laurie really does all day is drink tea. Lots and lots of tea. Out of this tea pot they just bought from Marks and Spencer which is entirely too large. You'd think, after all that caffeine, that Laurie would be doing a lot more than sitting around and reading books and filling out computer applications. But that's the way the biscuit must crumble...


At 4:31 PM, Anonymous The Tea Lady said...

I approve of all the tea being shown in these photos, and even the huge teapot from M&S is very nice, since it means you can just drink more tea. So, since you have lovely English groc stores there I'm getting lots of Plain Chocolate Caramel McVitties in my Christmas box, right? Right?

Love you both lots
-The Big Sister-

PS. Let me know if you need more tea, which is really unlikely since you left here with pounds and pounds, but that large teapot makes one worry.

At 5:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this! I love how it reads like a children's book, perfect for my addled brain! Although its probably the only children's book that contains the words "cognitive neuroscience"...


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