Saturday, November 19, 2005

Fall II

As forshadowed (if you will) by the autumnal sunset earlier this week, Autumn has indubitably arrived in Cambridge. The air is cold and crisp, and the frost is establishing itself further and further into the daylight hours. If that made no sense, then just look at these pictures:

Pretty pretty Autumn Cam

Garret Hostel Lane avec leaves coloured d'Autumn

Frosty field and bundled Cantabrigians behind Queens' College...

...and our very own Scholars Garden, completely frosted over.

Laurie's shadow at noon!

Meet the newest member of our little family: a 16-pound pumpkin
Incidentally, (don't tell Pumpkin) we're making tasty pumpkin treats next week.
Send any tasty pumpkin recipes our way!

In conclusion, Autumn in Cambridge is pretty and chilly. Pretty chilly. Soon to be very chilly, we've been told. Join us next post for an exciting update on Lewis' too-ambitious research project and for a comical picture of said Lewis demonstrating his new technique for unwinding during times of mental stress.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Fall hath befallen Cambridge

We had our first frost this morning. The leaves have been falling for some time, aided by the wind which Cambridge is rarely lacking, and winter is marching steadily forward.

Not much to update these days. Class and research essays eat away at most of Lewis's time. Laurie spends her hours reading, filling out graduate applications, and trying to whip the wedding guest list into shape. But even in these busy times, Cambridge manages to impress upon us it's beauty.

Here are a few photos from tonight's beautiful sunset:

Good night, Clare Hall...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

It was our one-year anniversary yesterday!

Lewis took Laurie out for a nice dinner, and bought her these beautiful flowers:

And Laurie bought Lewis the Clare Hall scarf he wanted.
Now his neck will be nice and warm!
(Though he borrowed the glasses because Laurie thinks they're cute):

Yay! Congradulations Lewis and Laurie!