Friday, December 02, 2005

Odds and Ends

Many things happening lately which mean we've been taking a few photos of everything and forgetting to post anything! So here's a long post of a collection of things.

Elmside Dinner II

The house got together for another dinner party, and this time we wowed them with making fajitas. It was a lot of fun making everything from scratch - dont think anyone had had homemade tortillas before! We thought we had made far too much food but it was completely devoured before we knew it.

The table before the demolition started.

Laurie about to demonstrate what to do with these flat "pitas".

Elmside dinners always degernate into jenga matches.

Stacey pulling off a risky move.

Linda building a masterpeice, as jenga degenerates into engineering feets.

It snows in Cambridge!

We were anticipating a blizzard as forcasted by The Met, a few days before Thanksgiving. Instead we got really cold and dry weather, with just a tiny smattering of snow in Cambridge. (Speaking of snow, it's actually sleeting and sunny simultaneously while I'm writing this. Cambridge has weird weather).

It never stuck, but we were excited to see it!

Thanksgiving Dinner (the second)

We had our first Thanksgiving dinner at the college Formal Hall a day before Thanksgiving. It was very good, but definitely an English take on American food.

So, an American girl in Christ's College also hosts Thanksgiving dinners every year for Americans in Cambridge for the holidays. We were invited by a friend of ours this year. It was a potluck, so we made delicious cranberry yummymuffins, and tasty crustless pumpkin pies. They were both a hit!

Here's Laurie and Lewis with some new friends, including Patrick (in the chair), a PhD student in Lewis's department and his girlfriend Michelle (in the grey sweater).

We visit Ely + Ely Cathedral!

Laurie's sister stopped by for a few days to see her friend Becky who lives in Ely. It was a surprise for her, but Laurie and Lewis were intending on visiting her that same weekend anyway, so the whole party got together and had a great time in Ely! We visited their famous cathedral while we were in town and took a few pictures. They dont do the building justice, but it would be impossible to capture its grandure in any photograph.

The main bit. You can see the choir gathering (dressed in red). They practiced while we were walking around -- it was beautiful to hear!

The ceiling with a magnificent paintjob. All the cathedrals were painted this ornately before the Reformation, but luckily some bits of the Ely cathedral escaped the paint scraping.

That's all for now! We have a few Christmas parties to attend this week. The term ended yesterday and that means all the departments and colleges are throwing little bashes before the students go home for the holidays. I'm sure more pictures will follow. Hope everyone at home is staying warm and healthy!